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Monday, March 03, 2003

Do not believe the hype about *nix somehow being reliable for hosting internet servers:
What is so difficult about Clustering or Storage Area Networks/RAID arrays ?
99.99% uptime is meant to be only 10 minutes a year downtime !

email (specialist email service provider based in Vancouver and Dublin)

"We are sorry, the server that hosts your account is temporarily down for maintenance.
This is a result of hardware/kernel failures that occurred on Friday, affecting the server storing your account information and mail. The intervening time has been spent rebuilding the file system and restoring user data.

We anticipate a return to normal service by approximately 0400 GMT (8:00 PM Pacific)."

website (hosted on a server at the primary Internet connection nexus in London)

"Network & Server Problems 03/03/03
Due to a hardware failure, customers with websites on Unix server xxx.xxxxxxx.xx.xx will experience web and ftp problems.
Engineers are currently looking into this.
We estimate that the server will be back online later on today."

Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Watching Them, Watching Us

Watching Them, Watching Us

UK Public CCTV Surveillance Regulation Campaign